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Bonal Technologies - The Quiet Revolution

The Quiet Revolution
Revolutionary change is not always accompanied by fanfare or tumultuous noise. Sometimes it can occur and attract the attention of only those directly effected. If the revolutionary development confers a competitive advantage on a select few, they may even hesitate to share their new-found knowledge with others, preferring the silence of the satisfied.

Bonal Technologies has been engaged in just such a quiet revolution, supported by a cadre of loyal and very satisfied but silent customers. The time has come to make some noise and let others share in the satisfaction of our customers. Take a minute to read the next few pages, and learn how you can join in the benefits of the quiet revolution!

An Innovative Solution to the Manufacturing Challenges of the 21st Century
The manufacturing challenges of tomorrow cannot be mastered with yesterday's technology. More products are being created for smaller niche markets around the world, requiring manufacturers and their suppliers to contend with:

• smaller volume product runs
• shorter lead times
• reduced tooling times
• higher quality standards
• more competitive pricing.

Companies today need to produce higher quality products at lower costs, and in less time in order to succeed in this new and increasingly competitive global market. Companies involved in manufacturing, machining or welding metal components find that their ability to meet these market demands is jeopardized by two persistent obstacles--distortion and breakage due to residual stress. Failure to effectively overcome these age-old problems results in:

• increased material and labor costs
• delays in production
• products of poor quality
• ultimately a loss of business.

Yesterday's Technology Didn't Work Then and It Doesn't Work Now
Over the centuries many ways have been devised to treat these metalworking problems. People have tried to: heat it; beat it; bury it; drag it; drop it; and even chill it. Each approach has had its drawbacks including: high energy cost; size limits; time requirements; inconsistency; and lack of control. Yesterday's conventional stress relief techniques are either limited or inconsistent. Heat treating, for example, is limited by both the size of parts that can be put in a furnace and the time it takes to ship, treat and return parts.

The old World War II resonant vibration technology, on the other hand, is hit and miss. Sometimes it works but usually it does not, and it offers no way to measure results. Today, if companies in metalworking industries such as: weld fabrication; machining and grinding; injection mold manufacturing; die casting; or heat treating want to stay competitive, they need a stress relief technique that's reliable, measurable, fast and cost effective. The only stress relief technology that meets all these conditions is Meta-Lax developed by Bonal International.

The Technology of Tomorrow
Metal stress can arise from a variety of sources, including initial production of the metal and uneven cooling can cause stresses to build up. Additional internal stress is produced by normal processing, such as, welding, machining, casting, forging or hardening of the metal. This stress will cause either severe distortion or breakage if allowed to remain.

Meta-Lax, Bonal's sub-harmonic stress relief technology is tomorrow's solution to this age-old problem. Meta-Lax is the only measurable and controllable method for reducing metal residual stress. This patented process is amazingly simple yet highly effective. First, you measure the harmonic frequency of the metal part to be stress relieved. Then, you induce vibration energy into the part at a specific frequency below the harmonic frequency, known as the sub-harmonic frequency. Finally, you measure the part's harmonic frequency again to see if it has changed. If there is a shift in the curve, that indicates that stress relief has occurred. Further, monitoring of the harmonic frequency documents completion of stress relief.

Pulse Puddle Arc Welding is a process in which a weldment is pulsated during arc welding. The energy from The Pulsator is transferred to the liquid weld metal (puddle) through the base metal. This low pulse, low energy metallurgically yields a finer, more uniform grain per weld volume upon solidification of the weld metal.

Black Magic For Distortion Control has been developed to apply the Meta-Lax technology to small metal components (up to 300 lbs. 135kg) without the use of sophisticated graphing and computing controllers. No operator training is required and no documentation for certification is generated.

Meta-Lax, Pulse Puddle Arc Welding and Black Magic technology have proven them self over and over again. Their effectiveness has been independently tested and verified by such prominent organizations as the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, the Department of Energy, the University of California and Lockheed Missiles and Aerospace. More importantly, thousands of companies have successfully used Meta-Lax and Pulse Puddle Arc Welding in real world settings since the 1970’s, achieving outstanding results.

A Growing List of Satisfied Customers
A long list of satisfied customers includes leading companies and government agencies such as:
• E.I Dupont • General Motors • Ford • Daimler Chrysler • Honeywell • National Steel
• Fisher-Price • Boeing • Siemens Westinghouse • Martin Marietta • Owens/Corning
• Rubbermaid • LTV Corporation • China National • Taiwan Power Authority • Gold Star (Korea) • NASA • U.S. Navy • U.S. Army

Why have these companies and government agencies purchased Bonal’s Meta-Lax or PPAW equipment? Customers have reported an eight-fold annual return on the cost of their Meta-Lax equipment. This has been achieved by a:

• 95% reduction in processing costs
• 98% reduction in processing time
• 84% improvement in controlling distortion
• 95% reduction in weld cracking
• 41% reduction in machining time
• 55% scrap rate reduction

Meta-Lax, PPAW and Black Magic help manufacturers meet the demands of both today's and tomorrow's competitive global marketplace. Manufacturers can lower their operating costs, achieve faster production turn-around, and produce products of significantly higher quality, using Meta-Lax stress relief and Pulse Puddle Arc Welding Equipment.

Sharing in the Quiet Revolution
Bonal Technologies, pioneers of the Meta-Lax process in 1970, is today the world's leading provider of sub-harmonic vibrational stress relief. Bonal Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bonal International, a publicly-owned corporation whose stock trades on the over-the-counter market, trading symbol BONL.

The market for Bonal's products, as determined by independent market studies, is in excess of $800 million in the U.S. and nearly $2 billion world-wide. This market consists of manufacturers in industries such as: steel, forging equipment, farm machinery, machine tools, automotive and truck components, injection molds, engine builders, aircraft, ship building, mining, petrochemical equipment, and general welding shops.

Bonal has only begun to tap the sales potential of this huge and growing market. The first Meta-Lax unit was sold in 1970. In 1984 the marketing effort was organized and since that time the company has captured about 1% of the U.S. market, leaving 99% of the domestic market yet to be tapped -- to say nothing of the global market.

Bonal's patented Meta-Lax products and services are sold in the U.S. and 49 foreign countries by using an in-house sales department, and a national and international network of independent sales representatives.

Bonal Technologies possesses a unique patented technology and innovative products that address the pressing needs of a $3 billion global market. Unlike many better known companies whose stock prices already reflect their future earning power, Bonal International's growth potential is just beginning to be recognized by the investment community.

Take part in the “Quiet Revolution”. Click on “Stock Quotes” and/or contact your broker, or if you are in the metalworking industry please click on our product web sites,, or and discover how we can help you be more competitive without loss of quality.

Act Now, The Quiet Revolution Will Not Remain Quiet for Long.

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