Investor Info

Bonal International is a Publicly Owned and Traded Company

Trading Symbol: BONL

CUSIP Number: 097-770-200

Market Makers:

Access Securities, Inc.

800 331-6171

Domestic Securities, Inc.

201 782-0888

E*Trade Capital Markets, LLC.

866 551-8300

Hill Thompson Magid & Co.

201 434-6900

Hudson Securities, Inc.

201 216-0100

Knight Equity Equity Markets, LP

201 222-9400

UBS Securities, LCC

203 719-7100

Good (weld) Vibrations
How Vibratory Weld Conditioning
Mitigates Distortion
With weld conditioning the welder might be able to weld consistently from one end of the part to the other-no flipping,…
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