U.S. Government Saves Money
and Improves Quality with Meta-Lax® Equipment

The U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and NASA rely on META-LAX stress relief to save money and improve quality in making many of the highest quality parts in the world. This is a sample of the hundreds of Government components that have used Meta-Lax Stress Relief and/or Meta-Lax Weld Conditioning in their process.

Government Jobs that Use Meta-Lax

NASA and Air Force

  • Nose cone for space shuttle
  • Rocket booster forgings for space shuttle
  • Landing gears for space shuttle
  • Wheels for space shuttle
  • Life boat mount for space station
  • Battery cells for Galileo space probe
  • Key components for Hubble space telescope
  • Fresnel lens system
  • 25-degree longeron
  • Wing flaps
  • Housings for cruise missiles
  • Gun handling adapters for F/A-18
  • Landing gears for F/A-18
  • Landing gears for A-10 Warthog
  • KC-135 engine trailers
  • Cockpit frame for Apache helicopter
  • Camera mounts for satellites
  • Cooling chambers for satellites

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  • Torpedo trays for submarines
  • Water jackets for submarines
  • Fairwaters for submarines
  • Guidance gyros for submarines
  • Catapult launchers for aircraft carriers
  • Aircraft elevators for aircraft carriers
  • Jet blast deflectors for aircraft carriers
  • Track channels for aircraft carriers
  • Cargo boom for ship
  • Torque tube for ship
  • Tail shaft for ship
  • Mine sweeper components
  • Water brake cylinders
  • Launch valve cylinders
  • Coast guard ice breakers
  • Primary engine foundations


  • 120 mm mortars
  • Rock and diggers
  • Gun mount cradle
  • Attitude control system for missiles
  • A-Frame for munitions transport
  • Body buffers

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