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During the welding process, the weld metal and adjacent base metal expand and contract during the heating and cooling cycle. For typical weld jobs, where welding occurs on one side of a part, there is a higher degree of distortion than welds that are alternated from one side to the other. There are, however, several factors that affect metal shrinkage during this heating and cooling cycle, such as changing the physical and mechanical properties of the metal when the heat is applied. As you can imagine, as the temperature of the weld area increases, the yield strength, elasticity, and thermal conductivity of the steel plate decreases, but thermal expansion and specific heat increases. These drastic changes naturally affect the heat flow and uniformity of heat distribution across the metal base – or weld distortion. Meta-Lax Weld Conditioning will relieve the thermal stresses as they are being introduced during weld solidification.

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Meta-Lax® Weld Conditioning Prevents 50%-90% of the Normal Weld Distortion and Cracking

Bonal developed and patented the concept of using vibrations during welding.  We call this Meta-Lax “weld conditioning” or “pulse puddle arc welding.”  The main benefits of Meta-Lax weld conditioning are preventing 50-95% of the normal weld distortion and preventing 50-95% of weld cracking.  There are numerous other bonus benefits to using Meta-Lax weld conditioning like welding up to 25% faster, reducing (up to 300-F -150-C) preheat, reducing porosity, and more.

The reason why Meta-Lax can be used during welding is that the level of vibrational energy that Meta-Lax equipment uses is very mild and will not disrupt the welder during welding.  The weld metal tends to “pack down” as solidification occurs. Another important benefit of Meta-Lax Weld Conditioning is that in many applications it stress relieves the weldment, therefore, no additional post-weld stress relief is needed.

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Top 10 Reasons to Use Meta-Lax Equipment for Weld Conditioning
  1. 90% Less Weld Distortion
  2. 95% Less Weld Cracking
  3. 25% Faster Welding
  4. 500% More Service Life
  5. Less Scrap and Rework
  6. 95% Less Weld Porosity
  7. 65% Less Preheat Temperature
  8. 400% Higher Ductility
  9. 75% Higher Impact
  10. Finer Weld Grain



Who endorses the use of Meta-Lax technology?

Meta-Lax technology has been verified by over seven major organizations, including the U.S. Department of Energy. There have been over 165 published articles in trade magazines, of which over 125 of these included pre-approved case studies from Bonal customers, including NASA, U.S. Navy, and General Motors. Also, Bonal and/or Meta-Lax technology have received Special Awards and Recognitions from the National Science Foundation, U.S Department of Energy, GSA, and a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year for 2008. Click here for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Tech Brief. Click here for several customer comments taken from customer approved published articles.

What is the cost of Bonal products?

Bonal has three product lines utilizing Bonal’s patented sub-harmonic technology – Meta-Lax (15 models), Pulse Puddle Arc Welding (5 models), and Black Magic (3 models). Collectively the prices range from $5,400 USD to $32,300 USD. Contact Bonal for a price quotation for the system that best fits your operation and needs. In addition, Bonal offers several CE Approved models for European customers. Click here for Product Comparison Guide.

What is the customer satisfaction rate?

EXTREMELY HIGH. Bonal hired a third-party consulting firm to conduct a blind “customer satisfaction” survey of its customers over the last 16 month period. The results are outstanding. According to the data, 98% of Bonal’s customers were completely satisfied with their equipment, 98% were completely satisfied with Bonal’s sales and service departments, and 93% were completely satisfied with the results. Click here for a survey summary.


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