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Go Green with Meta-Lax®: Eco-Friendly Initiatives | Bonal Technologies - greenMeta-Lax® Technology Supports Your Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Meta-Lax technology, when used for stress relieving metal components or during welding, plays a key role in reducing carbon emissions throughout the world.

Bonal is the world's leading provider of sub-harmonic vibration tools, technology, and processes for stress relieving metal. With the use of our three distinct product lines, it is our goal to help our customers become more 'green' or environmentally friendly and lower their carbon footprint.

Here are four convenient ways you can 'go green' with Meta-Lax® technology:

  1. Reduce energy usage. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, by using Meta-Lax stress relief instead of heat stress relief, you will be reducing 98% energy use to get the same results. This is without sacrificing quality, effectiveness, or consistency.
  2. Reduce trips to the heat treater. When Meta-Lax stress relief is applied at your facility, the trips needed to transport parts to and from the heat treater will be eliminated. This reduces fuel consumption required to fuel an inefficient vehicle.
  3. Reduce workpiece replacement. By using Meta-Lax processing, numerous metal workpieces have a longer service life. This reduces maintenance and replacement, which saves large amounts of energy and other natural resources.
  4. Improve MPG. It is no secret that a stress relieved engine is a more efficient engine. A more efficient engine produces higher miles-per-gallon performance, which in turn reduces fuel consumption.

As of March 2007, Collectively Bonal's Customers Have:

  • Saved 293.3 trillion BTUs
  • Saved the equivalent of 50.6 million barrels of oil
  • Saved air pollutants equivalent to 6.1 million automobiles
Bonal welcomes you as a partner in 'going green' for the benefit of generations to come.


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