How It Works

How Meta-Lax® Vibrational Stress Relief Works

Meta-Lax Stress Relief removes thermal stress from metal. Thermal stress (i.e., heat induced stress) is caused by a sharp temperature drop in metal. It creates problems of distortion (immediately following machining or over time) and/or premature cracking. "Stress relieving" reduces these effects.

All metal structures exhibit harmonic and non-harmonic behavior (Scan 1). Yet if the part had experienced a sharp temperature drop (which causes heat-induced stress), the harmonic curve will be out of phase from its natural frequency location.

By applying sub-harmonic vibrational energy pockets of high-stress concentration are redistributed, reducing the effects of heat stress and causing the harmonic curve to shift (Scan 2).

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Meta-Lax® Vibrational Stress Relief: How It Works | Bonal Technologies - scan2(1)

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When the workpiece becomes free of thermally induced stress, the harmonic curve will stabilize in its natural frequency location (Scan 3). It has been proven mathematically, in the laboratory, and in-field applications that the mild vibrations that Meta-Lax processing uses are more efficient than violent, high amplitudes in relieving stress. An analogy would be like an athlete "warming up" versus a strenuous workout before his race. Only the Meta-Lax method of certifying stress relief eliminates guesswork and assures the confidence of operation and consistency of results.

It may be helpful to relate Meta-Lax to "heat" stress relief in that both induce internal accelerated motion in the metal to cause stress relief. It also may be helpful to compare Meta-Lax to "natural aging" in that both do not cause heat side effects like scaling, softening, or reducing mechanical properties. Meta-Lax processing usually takes 1/2 to 2 hours for application and does not cause treatment distortion.

Meta-Lax stress relief relies on two key operating principles, both of which have been mathematically proven as valid:

Meta-Lax Patented Principle #1 - SUB-harmonic vibrational energy must be used for the stress-relieving frequency. "The amount of energy being dissipated by vibration determines the amount of "backoff" from [the harmonic peak] to be at the most efficient stress relieve range."
Richard Skinner, PE, Lockheed Missiles & Aerospace

Meta-Lax Patented Principle #2 - The harmonic curve shifts and stabilizes as the part becomes relieved of thermally induced stress. "The findings regarding the shift in natural frequency as a result of residual stress may provide a method for examining the effectiveness of stress-relieving processes."
University of California - Berkeley

Vibrational Stress Relief for Weld Conditioning

Meta-Lax Weld Conditioning will relieve the heat stresses as they are being introduced during weld solidification. This procedure produces several desirable benefits for the weld metal and the heat-affected zone. Two major benefits are minimizing, if not eliminating, weld cracking and weld distortion.

Another important benefit of Meta-Lax Weld Conditioning is that in many applications, it stress relieves the weldment. Therefore no additional post-weld stress relief is needed.

Other benefits include welding faster by increasing amperage, which also allows deeper weld penetration. Metallurgically, Meta-Lax Weld Conditioning produces a finer, more uniform weld grain structure, thus improving the weld's mechanical properties and ultimate fatigue life. Weld ductility, in particular, is increased as much as 400% over a non-weld-conditioned weld!

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