FAQs About Meta-Lax® for Stress Relief

What is residual stress and stress relief?
How does Meta-Lax stress relief compare to thermal stress relief?
How long does Meta-Lax stress relief take?
What are the limitations of Meta-Lax processing for size and weight?
What are the limitations of Meta-Lax stress relief for metals?
Can Meta-Lax stress relief be applied during welding and if so why would one want to?
What is the customer satisfaction rate?
What is the cost of the Bonal products?
Isn't Meta-Lax equipment similar to other Vibratory Stress Relief equipment?
What does Meta-Lax do to the metal internally that causes stress relief to take place?
What is the life expectancy of the equipment and maintenance?
Who endorses the use of Meta-Lax technology?


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