Meta-Lax®: Vibratory Stress Relief Equipment for Metal | Bonal Technologies - metaMeta-Lax® is the World’s Most Consistent Vibratory Stress Relief for Metal Structures

Bonal's patented Meta-Lax process is the only vibratory stress relief process that is consistently effective in comparison to heat stress relief.  Meta-Lax consistently achieves equal to or better results than heat stress relief. In short, Meta-Lax works and is reliable!

The SUB-harmonic vibrational energy produced by our equipment is the key to the tremendous success of Meta-Lax processing.  In addition to stress relieving, the Meta-Lax process can be used during welding to prevent the majority of weld distortion and weld cracking, as well as for welding faster.



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Why Meta-Lax® Vibration Stress Relief is the Better Alternative to Heat Stress Relief

Bonal Technologies, Inc. discovered and refined the sub-harmonic vibration stress relief equipment and technology in its own planer-mill machine shop where close distortion control was demanded, and consistency of effectiveness was essential. Consistency is what makes Meta-Lax processing unique to the vibration stress relief industry. Consistency is why Meta-Lax stress relief is typically used in place of heat treat (thermal) stress relief, not just when heat stress relief cannot be used. And consistency is why “META-LAX” sub-harmonic stress relief so widely single-sourced and specified on drawings around the country and around the world.

It may be reassuring to know that Meta-Lax treated parts have gone to the moon, gone to Mars, and are in the International Space Station. Closer to home, other Meta-Lax treated parts have shot down enemy missiles, beat in people’s chest, won the Indianapolis 500, and lock river water in place. Be assured, big or small, your parts are valuable to Bonal.

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