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Meta-Lax Vibration Stress Relief - The Proven Alternative to Thermal Stress Relief
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Industries that use the Meta-Lax Technology

Sub-Harmonic Vibratory Stress Relief
Bonal manufactures the Meta-Lax Vibration Stress Relief Technology for the purpose of metal stress relieving. Meta-Lax is a patented stress relief process which according to the US Dept. of Energy is a “proven substitute to 80-90% of heat treat stress relief applications yet saves 65-95% of the time and cost in doing so without sacrificing quality!”

Meta-Lax - A Patented Process
The patented Meta-Lax technology is unique in the vibratory stress relief industry in that Meta-Lax is the ONLY vsr process that produces “consistently” effective results. It also is the only vsr process that uses sub-harmonic energy and can certify that stress relieving is complete.

Sub-Harmonic Technology Product Lines
Series 2400 Touch Screen with Graphic Certification
- Semi-Automatic Stress Relief & Weld Conditioning
- 7" high def color touch screen control panel
- Saves data on a flash drive for printing certification

Series 2000 Touch Screen with Manual Certification
Lowest cost Meta-Lax System 
- Performs Manual Stress Relief & Weld Conditioning
- 5" color touch screen control panel

Meta-Lax Technology - During Welding
Furthermore, Meta-Lax processing can be used during welding (Weld Conditioning) to prevent 50-95% of weld distortion and cracking while improving overall quality. That will save you straightening, rework, and scrap.

Who Uses Meta-Lax Technology
Meta-Lax technology is currently being relied on daily in places such as NASA, Northrop-Grumman, Boeing, US Army and Navy, General Motors, and industries as, aerospace, automotive, defense, die casting, machining, mining, mold making, power generation, racing, and welding and fabricators to name a few.

Why Meta-Lax Technology is Used
Reduce Distortion from Machining
2) Reduce Delayed Machining Distortion
3) Increase Product Service Life
4) Reduce Weld Distortion
5) Reduce Weld Cracking
6) Improve Weld Quality

Meta-Lax Application Benefits
1) 95% Less Processing Cost
2) 95% Less Processing Time
3) As Good or Better Quality vs. Thermal Stress Relief
4) No Treatment Distortion
5) No Size or Weight Limitations
6) No Trucking

What Meta-Lax Technology Means to You
Save Time, Save Money
Gain Confidence in Stress Relief Results
Improve Product Quality
4) Increase Efficiency in Production
5) Realize Flexibility in Quoting
6) Earn Higher Profits

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