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Meta-Lax Vibration Stress Relief - The Proven Alternative to Thermal Stress Relief
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About Bonal Technologies, Inc.

Bonal Technologies, Inc. is the world's leading provider of sub-harmonic vibratory technology for metal improvement solutions.

Headquarted in Royal Oak, Michigan, we also provide complete variety of consulting, training, program design and metal stress relief services to several industries including: automotive, aerospace, mining, petroleum, shipbuilding, welding, machine tool, plastic molding, racing, engine building, armament and die casting, to mention a few.

Bonal's patented technology and its three distinct product lines: (1) Meta-Lax Stress Relief, (2) Pulse Puddle Arc Welding (PPAW), and (3) Black Magic are sold throughout the U.S. and in over 51 other countries.

Major Accomplishments
  1. The development of the technology that could produce successful (effective and consistent) stress relief results in comparison to heat treat stress relief.
  2. Receiving patents on its sub-harmonic vibratory stress relief process.
  3. Seeing the Meta-Lax process written into manufacturing specifications by many major organizations including automotive companies, aerospace components manufacturers, and government defense branches.
  4. Seeing Meta-Lax processed workpieces set new quality standards for accuracy and performance in almost every sector of the metalworking industry.
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