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Meta-Lax Vibration Stress Relief - The Proven Alternative to Thermal Stress Relief
Control Machining and Welding Distortion, Improve Product Quality and Increase Service Life

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Number of Parts Stress Relieved per Month (Average)
Stress Relief Cost Per Part (Average)
Number of Trips to Heat Treater per Month (Average)
Straightening Costs Per Part (Average)
Total Annual Cost of Thermal Stress Relief
Meta-Lax Equipment Selection Profit
2001-1FD Series (Manual Documentation @ $280/mo.*)
2401-1FD DataGraph Series (Semi-Automatic @ $490/mo.*)

Note: Your Monthly Profit could be even more attractive if you normally
need to clean or remachine any of your parts after thermal stress relief.

*Monthly Payment based on Third Party Financing, and is subject to change.

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